Greg Copeland

Deep Down South

Like many other great Blues artists before him Greg Copeland soaked up the music early in his childhood only to come to the peak of his performance and recognition that he deserves much later in life.

Greg Copeland was born Gregory Andre Copeland in Portsmouth, Virginia (USA).

There was always music being played in the Copeland household.

Greg´s mother Delores Copeland was a Gospel Singer with an excellent voice.

I can still remember as a small child how my Mother used to sing me a song before I went to sleep at night. She had so much emotion in her voice. Just by her singing I could tell if she was happy or sad.

Her perserverance and the love that she showed me and my brother while raising us alone still influences me deeply and has had a great impact on my singing and songwriting“.

Being influenced by artists such as Robert Johnson, Leadbelly and Muddy Waters has helped Greg to develop his unique singing style.

„When I sing I want you to feel my hurt, my pain, my happiness and my sadness. I want to ask for forgiveness if I did something wrong and forgive people if they have done me wrong. All these things I try to do with my music.“


Greg Copeland blues singer from Virginia USA
Greg Copeland blues singer from Virginia USA

"A singer and a storyteller! That is what this man is.

With his soulful, blues voice he takes you on an 'Acoustic

Journey to the Blues'!“

Blues News Magazine


„A top notch singer with his own unique style!

Greg Copeland is for real!“

Blues Journal


„An excellent Blues Singer!

His rough and smokey voice paints a picture

of how life was and is in Southern rural America!“

Blues In Germany



And we have exciting breaking news:

Greg Copeland is coming back to New Zealand with a major nationwide tour in October and November 2019!

He's going back to the roots with an up close and personal acoustic journey.

He brings with him his latest CD titled "Brown-eyed Handsome Man", released in March 2019.

Greg pays his dues to the originals and forefathers of the Blues from deep down South, channelling the spirit into his own material and style.
You'll hear warm embraces with Sister Soul and a tip of the hat to Brother Funk.

On his side will be Steve 'Guitar' Gilles, playing acoustic and resonator steel guitar, while wailing on the Blues Harp, also known as the 'Mississippi saxophone'.

The full tour schedule will be officially released in August, so keep your ears peeled!

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