My story...

I love creating, that's for sure!

... and I like to figure things out.

I was born in a smallish town in Germany and loved making things and expressing myself through creative media since I can remember.

After school I worked at a youth centre as social worker and the workshop area was my main focus there.
In my late twenties I moved to Bremen / Northern Germany where I joined my first 'serious' band.

It also happened to be Big Daddy Wilson's first band...


I worked part time in a guitar shop making custom guitars and repairs.

At the same time I was involved in social and community work with disadvantaged youths.


I always loved travelling and especially grand scenery and wide open spaces.

Scandinavia was one of my favourite areas.

crossroads Clarksdale Mississippi
Stephan Gilberg Big Daddy Wilson Cesare Nolli Australia 2016

I discovered the Blues in the early eighties.

Listening and experiencing concerts that deeply influenced me to this day.

The “American Folk Blues Festival” Tours in Europe were so inspirational for me, so were Jazz and Blues festivals all over the country.

A sound and feel that touched me and stayed with me.

Profound experiences, as unforgetable as enjoyable, have been touring the country three times in New Zealand and one in Australia:

2012 with Big Daddy Wilson in New Zealand, 25 shows in 5 weeks.

2013 with Watermelon Slim in New Zealand, 18 shows in 4 weeks.

2015 with Big Daddy Wilson in New Zealand, 20 shows in 4 weeks.

2016 with Big Daddy Wilson and Cesare Nolli in Australia, 14 shows in 4 weeks.

2017 with Big Daddy Wilson and Band in New Zealand, 14 shows in 4 weeks.

I travelled to New Zealand for a 6 month visit in 1992.

A live changing experience as it should turn out.

I was lucky to be exposed to Maori culture on this visit.

Since then it was especially bone carving that took my interest.

Carving quickly became a passion.

I immigrated to New Zealand in 1996 and settled in Nelson.

I feel that carving connects me with the deep rooted traditions of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

It is my first and lasting inspiration from being here.

I started teaching bone carving in 1996.

Many people have over the years visited my studio in sunny Nelson to join in creating pieces of beauty and pride.

Carvings made in his workshop are proudly worn and cherished by people all around the world .

My carvings are or have been on display at various high profile galleries in New Zealand:
Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum in Wellington, World of Wearable Arts Museum in Nelson, Real Aotearoa galleries in Auckland and Wellington, the Coolstore Gallery in Mapua near Nelson and at Henry Corbett&Co in Watsons Bay / Sydney.

Hei Matau fish hook carving
Phoebe dog in action


I have a wonderful son who is now discovering his own world and lives in the United States.

Time flies, in case you haven't noticed.


I also am a lucky guy to be in love with the most amazing and lovely lady.

We enjoy growing old together.


It's a privilige.



And a dog named 'Phoebe'.

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