Big Daddy Wilson

Blues singer song writer Big Daddy Wilson from North Carolina USABig Daddy Wilson’s music is all heart and natural soul, with a fabulous warm baritone voice. He draws from a wide stylistic spectrum from blues, folk, soul and gospel.

His latest CD “Time” is produced by blues icon Eric Bibb. This is what he says about Big Daddy Wilson: “As soon as you hear Big Daddy Wilson’s voice, whether speaking or singing, you hear his southern country roots. The sound of the original blues people comes through loud and clear, reminding you of a bygone era when music came from people’s front porches instead of iPhones. Wilson has a voice baptized in the river of Afro-American song – a voice with the power to heal. His repertoire encompasses spirituals, blues, country and soul, delivered in his unique and heartfelt way.”

Wilson is a singer, songwriter from Edenton, North Carolina, USA.
He left Carolina back in 1979, joined the US Army and shortly thereafter was sent to Germany. He proudly served his country for 7 years.
Now check this out! After his service he decided to stay in Germany – that is where Wilson for the first time was introduced to this beautiful music called the “Blues“.
“I didn’t know anything about the Blues, I didn’t know what it was, but it was mixed in my blood, ‘cause it was calling my name LOUD and CLEAR.”
Wilson answered that call, and he’s been singing the Blues ever since that night. Yes, Wilson met the Blues in a small, smokey club in North Germany.
During the past 20 plus years, Wilson toured all over the world. In over 15 different countries he had the privilege to sing his songs in many clubs, theaters, festivals, radio and TV.

TV ONE Breakfast show performance at the start of 2015 New Zealand Tour:

Promo video for most recent New Zealand Tour 2015

Official video for recent CD release “Time”

Big Daddy Wilson -”Baby’s coming home again”